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Noelle Quero, Owner The Body Reset

Welcome. I am sure you are here because you are interested in your health and probably the health of the people closest to you. Perhaps you have found this site because your personal journey to getting well is like a roller coaster that never stops. Well I can really relate to this.

First A Little Background

noelleMy journey towards health and healing started in my childhood. I remember being around 7 years old and seeking out health related information inside the pages of my Dad’s vast Encyclopedia Britannica Collection. (Do you remember those?) I was definitely a hypochondriac to some degree, and my family always reminded me of this fact. The only way I could make myself feel less afraid of  getting some horrific disease, was to read as much as I could about it. For some reason, this always seemed to calm my fears.   I also wondered why some people go so sick, and other’s didn’t. Why some people were so “unlucky”. Little did I realize I was actually a very blessed child as far as my own health was concerned. I rarely got sick and when I did it would resolve  fast. However, I started to develop allergies and asthma around the age of 7, something I remember all too well.

A Turning Point In My Own Health

My first asthma attack I can remember vividly, as we were at our Summer Cottage at a Lake in Indiana. I remember my mom giving me “Primatene Mist” spray so that I could breathe and I remember laying on the sofa scared out of my mind. For those of you who know what it’s like to suffer with an Asthma attack, and not be able to breathe, it is literally terrifying. I remember the “Spray” worked and my mom telling me how she used to have horrible asthma as a child while reassuring me I would be ok. 

The rest of my formative years were pretty uneventful other than an occasional asthma and allergy flair up which was usually related to Dogs or Cats. As long as I had my inhaler, I was usually fine, but I did hate using it and it always made my heart race a little. Other than that, I was pretty healthy with no other health issues to speak of. However, when I did get a cold, it would always turn into a hacking , lingering cough for a few weeks. It seemed like my lungs were definitely my body’s weak spot. My teenage years were spent rebelling as quite a bit. I even started smoking cigarettes a little bit. It definitely didn’t make much sense to smoke cigarettes, given the fact that I technically had “asthma”. During my High School years, I never left home without my trusty Inhaler even though I never took it too seriously, if I had to use it. It was just part of what I had to do, if I was all of a sudden in a situation where I would start to wheeze.

The Three A’s.

The summer of my 20th year, was a turning point in my health. I had moved into a home with my boyfriend which was owned by a man who had a few extra rooms to rent out. He was a nice enough man and explained to us that his house was too big for just him. I asked him the all important question which was whether or not he had any animals, as I was very allergic to cats and dogs. He let me know adamantly that he did not have any animals. Little did I know that Bob had lied to me about not owning any animals. He not only owned 2 dogs, but they were Sheep Dogs, and they were indoor dogs who, up until we got there, had roamed the house freely. The dogs were relegated to the backyard permanently after we moved in. The day I discovered the dogs outside and asked Bob about them, he said that they were his friends dogs and that he had agreed to watch them but that he promised they would never come inside. Oh, how I wish this had been true. This beautiful home in Marin County, California also had wall to wall carpeting and little did I know that my entire health was about to take a drastic downward spiral. Not so much as 2 days after moving into our new home, did I have my one of the most severe asthma attacks I had ever had. It was so bad that even the inhaler wasn’t helping after a while. This, in and of itself was scary, but the fact that It was the dead of winter, and the heat in the house was on, and I couldn’t breathe just made everything worse. I was beginning to fear that I had just made a huge mistake by moving into this house, but now I was stuck.

I started relying on my inhaler day and night, especially whenever I was in the house and also began having extreme panic attacks where I thought I was not only having a heart attack, but where I thought I was literally dying. My extremities would go completely numb, my heart would race, my mind would race, all while I was gasping for air. I didn’t know what was happening to me or why. I began to feel like my life was ending and that at the age of 20, perhaps this was the end of the road for me.  The fear I started to develop around not knowing when I would get my next asthma attack or anxiety attack was almost becoming worse than the asthma itself. I was not only suffering with non stop sinus allergies and constant asthma but now I was becoming so anxiety ridden I was feeling like I was losing my mind. As social as I had always been, living for my friends and going out constantly, I was now never wanting to leave my house, even though it was the one place where I had the hardest time breathing. My life was becoming a living hell. It didn’t take me long though, to start figuring out what was wrong with me. The memories of digging through my Dad’s Encyclopedias trying to find answers, started returning, and I started to do it again. The incessant need to always figure out “why” was going to become very handy. I needed to find answers as to how I had gone from being a relatively healthy 20 year old, to a complete health mess in less than 3 months time. The 7 year old researcher returned full force as I began to make the Library my new home. I immediately found comfort in researching and reading about the “hows” and “whys” of what could be going wrong with my body. Why did I have Allergies, Asthma and Anxiety in the first place? (The 3 A’s) It was amazing how empowering it was for me to try to understand what was going on, as oppose to feeling desperate and panicked. I actually really enjoyed searching for answers and digging through medical jargon. For some odd reason, this really appealed to me and got me excited.

During this time, in my quest to find out what was wrong with me, I also began going from Doctor to Doctor getting blood work and tests done. My Doctor could never find anything technically “wrong” with me and would prescribe, Prednisone for my breathing, along with other asthma pills and inhalers. She would also prescribe anxiety medications. Going back to my days in High School, I was so afraid of taking any drugs much less drugs prescribed for anxiety, I just knew that was not going to solve “why” this was happening. The one question my Doctor could never answer was “why”, and nothing frustrated me more.  She would just say ‘Because this is how your body is.” I just knew deep down inside, that besides the Dogs I was allergic to in my house, something was seriously wrong with my immune system.

Enter Doctor #2, The Turn Around

 usAs I continued my quest to find answers to what was wrong with me, I started reading about immune system problems. Clearly I was having an immune system problem, but what kind and why? I also started reading about how nutritional deficiencies could cause all sorts of immune system problems. I did notice that besides my unrelenting sinus allergies, asthma and near constant anxiety, that I was now seeing more hair come out in the shower. This is when I really started to panic, big time. I found a Doctor close to where I lived who didn’t take Insurance, but he did do extensive blood work to see where your Nutritional Deficiencies lied and then tried to help your body heal through supplementation. I knew I had to go to him and had a feeling this guy was going to help me. I remember the first visit he took vials and vials of blood from me. I couldn’t believe how much blood he took. He told me to come back in a week so that he could give me the results. I had never been so scared in my life for that week. I not only worried about having aids, but also worried that I had some terrible, life-threatening disease for which there was no cure. My hypochondria was in full force for that week and not coincidentally, so was my asthma, allergies and anxiety. The 3 A’s.

Sitting in the Dr’s office getting read my blood results a week later was how anyone  could imagine, I was completely terrified. I told the Doctor to just let me have it. He looked at me and smiled. He proceeded to tell me that nothing was really wrong with me other than the fact that my white blood cell count was high because I was an incredibly allergic person. I asked him why. He said that I had a Leaky Gut and that I wasn’t absorbing nutrients properly. He didn’t explain anything further than that, even though I was very interested in learning more. He was pretty rushed. Next, the good Doctor proceeded to give me about 8 different jars of Vitamins along with a strict schedule to follow. He seemed pretty confident that if  I followed my new Vitamin schedule I would start to feel better. I was to check back with him in a month. The relief I felt that I didn’t have AIDS or Cancer, was obviously enormous, but I was still left wondering why did I have a leaky gut in the first place, what caused it, and why did I have so many nutritional deficiencies.

I immediately started taking my new Vitamins religiously. Around the same time we moved out of the allergy ridden house and found a new place to live. This place had no animals and I was already starting to feel better because of it. But I kept on with my Vitamin Schedule, even as my breathing started to return to normal, and as each day went on, I felt like I was becoming my old self again. My sinus allergies started going away, I wasn’t having to use my inhaler and my anxiety was disappearing almost as quickly as it had come on. In fact, I was starting to feel so good so fast, that I also started to forget to keep taking my vitamins. It’s amazing how quickly we forget how horrible we were feeling the minute we start to feel better, until we feel horrible again, isn’t it?

Back To A Healthy Life

2015-12-25 20.30.57As my health turned around, I got back to my care free living, socializing, working and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I decided to move to Florida from California to finish up College, leave a bad relationship, get focused on what it was I really wanted to do, (which at the time was become a Journalist), and start fresh. So this is what I did. My early to mid 20’s were pretty uneventful. I graduated college, started working at a major Newspaper for several years, quit to start my own jewelry business and become a jewelry designer, found that I was much more
creative and passionate than I had ever even known. I found joy and success in designing and making jewelry and really loved building my business. I became pregnant with my daughter at the age of 29 and dove full force into growing my business. My pregnancy was effortless and one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I loved being a Mom more than I could have ever imagined. Over the next 7 years I raised my daughter and opened 6 Jewelry stores and got lucky enough to get contracts with Home Shopping Network and QVC. Things were really good. They got even better when I met the love of my life one Sunday afternoon while out to lunch with friends. 3 Months later I was pregnant with my second child, my son. Not only was my business flourishing, but I found the love of my life and I was blessed to be pregnant again. Once again I experienced a beautiful, effortless pregnancy, and I look at it as one of the happiest times of my life.

2 days after the birth of my son Jaden, we were told by my OBGYN, that they suspected he might have Down Syndrome and that they would want to keep him in the hospital to run tests and make sure he was ok. No, we didn’t know he had Down Syndrome when I was pregnant. I had all the ultrasounds and blood tests they give every 35 year old woman who is considered “higher risk” because of maternal age, but everything had always been perfect. So you can imagine the shock for us and the Doctors, who are so 
terrified of being blamed for not doing something right, that they treat you like you have just given birth to an alien. Those first few days after his birth had to have been the strangest days of my life, thus far. Not only did the Hospital Staff tiptoe around us, but no one would look at us in the eyes. Meanwhile my son was healthy, nursing and the cutest thing you had ever seen. Being that it was Christmas time, as Jaden was born on December 16, we were just hoping to get him home by Christmas. After all the testing and scanning, they finally released Jaden as “perfectly healthy” on December 24, Christmas Eve. However, they still could not confirm whether or not he in fact had Down Syndrome, because they had lost all of the blood work in the Hospital, they regretfully informed us. We decided to wait 2 months before we put him through anymore tests. The Doctors weren’t sure whether or not he even had Down Syndrome because he was missing so many typical “traits”, like heart problems, digestive problems, etc. He was what they were calling, an anomaly. This was the best Christmas of our lives, none the less and as both sets of parents were in town visiting, we celebrated the birth of our beautiful son, and forgot about whether or not he could have Down Syndrome. We all knew that even if we had found out prenatally, we would all still be sitting there with our son anyway. I would never have had aborted my son due to a diagnosis.

The Diagnosis

jaden“I’m so sorry to tell you Mrs. Quero that your son does in fact have Trisomy 21, 3 copies of his 21st Chromosome are present.” I told the Doctor to please not tell me sorry, because I had a beautiful, healthy, alert, active, 2 month old who was eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing, smiling and was already beginning to turn over! I also told her to congratulate me on being blessed with a perfect child and to please not tell another parent, ever again, “sorry” when informing them of a diagnosis because you never know what that parent is feeling. She apologized and this was the last time we ever saw this Pediatrician.  Whatever could or should be “wrong” with him, wasn’t bothering him any, and it most certainly didn’t
change how much we had already fallen in love with our son over the last 2 months. We were beginning to see that being told our son had something technically “wrong” with him, didn’t mean anything more than what we wanted it to. I knew though, that I would have to dig in and learn everything I could in regards to how I could help my son grow and develop to the best of his ability. The 7 year old researcher was back in full force and this time, she was never going to leave again. Little did I know, but my beautiful boy Jaden was about to give me a whole new purpose in life, a purpose that I had been yearning for more than I could have ever known.

In recent years I started a Company called My Healthiest Life which is devoted to helping people find the most devoted, exceptional Doctors and Practitioners who are committed to helping people heal as naturally as possible. And this year I launched The Body Reset which offers targeted Nutrients and Information to anyone looking to improve their own health naturally. 

I graduated from The Institute For Integrative Nutrition and now remain committed to reaching as many people as I can in order to share the TRUTH about how Nutritional Healing HEALS the body. I know that the powerful combination of detoxification and nutritional healing work together to heal the body from practically anything, anytime, no matter what the “Disease”, “Diagnosis”, “Illness”, “Condition” or “Symptoms” are.

Here’s to living your healthiest life today and everyday!

Warmest Wishes, Noelle

Dr. Frank Charles, Medical Advisor To The Body Reset

frank charlesDr. Frank Charles has over 19 years experience as a Naturopathic Physician and 12 years as a field representative, sales manager and physician consultant within the natural health industry. He has spent the last 5 years in Physician Support Services at Anova Health Inc. Anova Health is a research, training and product distribution company. Dr. Charles’ role involves supplying integrative health care practitioners with hands on clinic support, research and training. He utilizes Anova Health’s advanced technology offerings across a diverse but select group of leading edge manufacturers. Dr. Charles also is head of our product technology procurement team. His passion is the successful implementation of a broad array of cutting edge technologies for Anova Health clients, their wellness offerings and the clinical outcomes of their patients. His visionary talents and experience in analyzing products and manufacturing processes has been of benefit to practitioners who desire to learn and apply the latest advancements in the fields of functional, biological and energetic terrain medicine.

In addition to his degree in Naturopathic Medicine he has additional advanced training and experience in biological medicine, nutritional blood analysis, blood microscopy, functional medicine, enzyme therapy, bio-response and energetic testing, energetic healing, and various mind/body therapies. Dr. Charles continues to research, teach, write and network with a diverse group of contacts within the healing arts community. His vision is to continue to expand Anova Health in its role as a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration to health care practitioners desiring to expand and integrate new technologies while delivering effective yet simple models of health care and education to their patients.


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